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Guitar Repairs

At the Australian Academy of Music, our own USA-trained luthier, Mitchell, is ready to fix any issues your guitar may have. Whether it be simple setups, crackling electronics, or pickup rewinding, to more extreme body/neck cracks, complete fret jobs, & structural damage - if it's fixable, Mitchell will fix it.

Service Prices*:

Restring 6 or 7 string guitars, banjos, ukuleles and basses - $20.00
Restring 12 string guitars - $30.00
Guitar setup / general maintenance - $85.00 plus strings (on all guitars except floating bridges)
Floating bridge guitar setup / general maintenance - $140.00-170.00 plus strings. Includes trem balancing.
Fret dress: level, crown, dress and polish all frets. Includes fingerboard recondition, set up and restring - $150.00-$200.00
Lacquer touch up: $70.00-$100.00 per touch up.
Cracks in body: $70.00-$100.00 per crack.
Simple fitting of pickups, pots, output sockets, five way switches - $60.00 each job excluding parts.
Fitting Piezo type pick up including height adjustment of saddle, and fitting endpin jack - $120-$150 excluding parts.
Fitting pre-amp and pickup, including all elements of piezo fitting plus cutting out side of guitar and fitting preamp - $200.00.

* prices do not include the price of new strings or other parts - including machine heads, pickups, etc.
These prices are to be used as a guide only - all work will be fully quoted on prior to commencement. Our technicians will also only carry out work on viable instruments. Antique instruments will be assessed on an individual basis.