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Hand Drumming Group Class: 10 Week Course
Beginner groups starting now - Limited Places Available!

We all have some natural rhythm so if you can clap your hands to a song then this course is for you.
Playing drums with your hands is energetic, great for removing negative emotions and good for your health as well as team building and social interaction.

This course is designed to teach a number of playing styles, and how to listen to the pulse in a song and play along with it.
The energy of multiple percussionists playing together to make great rhythmic patterns is fun. There is no pressure because everyone is working as a team.

Most musicians find that the most difficult area in music to master is the rhythmic timing of playing a piece. Playing hand drums takes you back to the basics in timing and gives you confidence to experiment with new ideas and patterns.
Over the 10 weeks you will progress from simple patterns to beating out more complex multi-layered patterns while playing together in a group environment.

After the first course there will be further options to continue to the next level with more advanced techniques. Plus, join our regular performance opportunities including Jam Nights, Open Day Concert, Academy Drum Circle, and other performance events.
You can join in with one of our new groups or you can make up your own group with friends or work mates. Group size is generally 6 people but we can also accommodate your specific requirements. Give it a go and sign up now. You just never know where it may take you. As Michael Jackson once said ... Beat It!

Cost is $170.00 for a 10 week course, that's only $17.00 a lesson!
Sessions are 75 minutes, and will cover hand drumming on instruments such as bongos, conga drums, and djembe.
Call now for course availability and to register your interest.

Group courses are capped at six people per group and spots are filling fast! Call today to secure your spot. We will have some drums available for the course but having your own hand drum - Bongos, Djembe, or other - will be beneficial to practise.