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Orchestral Strings Repairs

Luthier Mitchell Morris specialises in all types of repairs, from a simple string change, fallen soundpost, or general set up, to major repairs like broken necks and cracked bodies, through to making parts and refinishing the outside polish.

Service Prices*:

Restring violin / viola - $15.00
Restring cello / double bass - $25.00
Violin - Supply and fit new bridge - $45.00
Viola - Supply and fit new bridge - $55.00
Cello - Supply and fit new bridge - $85.00
Double Bass - Supply and fit new bridge - $125.00
Violin / Viola - repair broken neck - $85.00-$125.00
Cello - repair broken neck - $150.00-$190.00
Double Bass - repair broken neck - $200.00-$250.00
Lacquer touch up: $70.00-$100.00 per touch up.
Cracks in body: $70.00-$100.00 per crack.
Spirit finish touch-up: POA

* prices do not include the price of new strings or other parts
These prices are to be used as a guide only - all work will be fully quoted on prior to commencement. Our technicians will also only carry out work on viable instruments. Antique instruments will be assessed on an individual basis.