KassieHaving picked up the piano at the ripe old age of 7, Kassie has played the piano for over 17 years. She achieved Honours in both her L.Mus.A and A.Mus.A performance examinations and was invited to perform in Melbourne at the annual Guild Performance Ceremony in 2011.

Feeling the urge to become a singer-songwriter and perform, Kassie also has 9 years of guitar under her belt, and regularly performs solo gigs around Brisbane, as well as in her indie-rock band Foxsmith.

Whilst Kassie loves playing and writing music, her real passion lies in helping others through music. Having completed her Masters of Music Therapy and master's thesis in 2013, Kassie is now a Registered Music Therapist, working with children with learning difficulties, as well as youth with mental health problems, to improve their health and well being through music.

Kassie has taught piano and guitar professionally for 4 years.