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The drums are one of the world’s oldest instruments, and as it is classed as a membrane (vibrations caused by a stretched surface) it has carried the same traditional shape for thousands of years. With the Modern shape of drum kit being formed during the 1930s. The average drum sets having 5 pieces – bass drum, snare drum, two toms, and floor tom. Several cymbals are also used (crash, hi-hat and ride).

Drumming is known to be one of the best forms of exercise and drummers have to use all four of their limbs to play different drums. In half an hour of drumming you can burn more calories than the equivalent of cycling, hiking, or weight lifting! Viola Smith is one of the world’s most famous female drummers. She celebrated her 107th birthday in November 2019 and claims that playing the drums contributed to her longevity. She is also Zildjian’s longest running endorser!

Drum students do not need a full drumkit to get started, just a pair of 5A drum sticks and a practice pad will get you started. Practising the fundamentals of drumming called rudiments, these patterns of playing with your right and left hand in various ways will help develop your skills. However practising without a drum kit will only last a couple of months, as students develop their skills they will need a full kit. Many parents are worried about the noise a drum kit makes, but with the development of digital kits and cymbals and drum skins designed to create less noise this is not a concern any more. The very kits we use in our studios are either digital or fitted with high quality noise reducing skins and cymbals.

Although students may choose to learn to play for relaxation and fun, our teachers are also skilled in exam preparation of Rockschool exams, this exam format is fast becoming our most popular exam, not only are the pieces songs you will recognise from blues, rock and pop but we believe that this syllabus will prepare students to join the music industry with relevant skills.

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