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Most consider guitar to be easy to learn, hard to master. But there’s more to it than that:​ When you first start playing it will be a challenge. You won't be able to play an entire song for a while, and your fingers will be a little sore. But you will learn some familiar Riffs to get you started. A Riff is usually played at the beginning of a song as well as throughout the song. It is a sequence of notes or chords that are repetitive, simple to play and memorable. Think Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple or Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, I’m yours by Jason Mraz.

The best way to overcome sore fingers is to practice several times a day for 5-10 minutes rather than once a day for 20-30 minutes. Our teachers design each lesson to the age and skillset of the student, so teaching a 5 year old is very different from teaching a 65 year old, both with technique and material. But guitar is a wonderful instrument for all ages. Young children usually start on a smaller size, nylon string guitar to suit their size. Adults should choose a guitar that suits the style of music they want to play- Classical, Steel String, Electric- Acoustic, Jazz, Electric or Bass guitar.

Want to take your music education to the next level? We have skilled teachers that can prepare you for formal exams, Traditionally the AMEB has offered exams in Classical Guitar and we certainly have some very successful students participating in this genre. But recently the AMEB has added Rockschool exams, this exam format is fast becoming our most popular exam, not only are the pieces songs you will recognise from blues, rock and pop but we believe that this syllabus will prepare students to join the music industry with relevant skills.

To book in, or for extra information, please call us on (07) 3889 9400, use the contact page or drop in and see us at 302 South Pine Road, Brendale.