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Most people think they can’t sing because they aren’t “naturally gifted”. It is true, some have more gifts than others, but singing is something we start doing naturally as children and is something we carry with us throughout our lives.

​The voice is a muscle, and like any muscle in the body can grow and get stronger even into your 70’s when trained correctly. Most singers have no idea what their “true” vocal range is, and many resign themselves to “lower” vocal registers because they do not know how to access their upper register, another contributing factor is that due to “panicking” they quickly “squeeze off the air in the throat” which seriously impedes and inhibits range.

Our highly trained vocal teachers provide their students with an armoury of vocal techniques, warm ups and exercises to protect their vocal health while extending their range, while also working on the songs they wish to sing.

Although students may choose to sing for relaxation and fun, our teachers are also skilled in exam preparation in all genres. Exams were traditionally for singers of classical music, a few years ago the AMEB introduced a contemporary syllabus called Singing for Leisure. More recently the AMEB has added Musical Theatre and Rockschool exams, these exam formats are fast becoming our most popular exams, not only are the pieces songs you will recognise from musical theatre, blues, rock and pop but we believe that these exams will prepare students to join the music industry with relevant skills in contemporary music or help prepare for musical theatre auditions.

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